7th Grade Remote Learning

On Monday, September 25th, I started remote learning. Students at New York City public schools had the choice between blended learning and 100% remote. Blended learning means that you go to school in-person 1-2 times a week, and the rest of the week, you are remote. As you might’ve guessed from the title, my family and I chose for me to learn fully remote.

Even though I am at home, I am getting the same and just as good of a learning experience as people in-person. We have at least two live classes or “seminars” a day. Those classes and seminars are obviously taught by teachers, but those teachers are not teaching in front of the in-person students. There is a teacher assigned to each in-person classroom for each period of the day, but that teacher is never the one teaching the current class. Each and every student, whether in-person or remote, logs on to Zoom to be taught by the teacher of the class, and I will say again, ON Zoom. This way, I am confident that my education is just as strong as my peers.

We recently bought and moved up to our lake house in the Catskill Mountains. We plan to be here until November, and possibly longer, depending on the weather. Luckily, our house has heat, however, we don’t want to be up here if the snow gets heavy. Having the ability to do school up at the lake has definitely been a huge advantage. I am able to take more walks and do more things that are less risky then they might be in the city.

My family doesn’t want to take any risks until we know that it is completely safe to do so. I understand and definitely agree with this, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes get upset because I can’t do some things that my friends are able to do, like going to school in-person, considering that I am at a higher-risk level. Some days I feel like I am missing out, like the days that my friends are at school in-person, but at those times, I remember that they only go for a very short amount of time during the week. I remember that this is what I have to do to keep myself and my family safe and healthy.

I have been pretty busy with school and other after-school activities lately, and I have taken a bit of a break from my blog. However, I am just getting back so expect lots of blogs coming your way in the near future!

3 thoughts on “7th Grade Remote Learning

  1. How lucky you are to be doing distance learning surrounded by the Catskills! Bet your canine companion is pretty happy about it. Our granddaughter, who is a senior in high school, chose distance learning rather than in-person with no way to socially distance. You’re both brave and smart. Stay safe!


  2. Glad you are able to spend time at your lake house. Sounds like school is goingvwell. Im so glad you are continuing heal from your surgery. Enjoy this time at the lake! I look forward to your upcoming blogs.


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