My Significant Moments

Even though I have some challenges in life, I always look for different ways to push myself and make the most of every day. I am very thankful to have had so many amazing opportunities. I always look for the ability in my disability. Check out my video below, which showcases many of my special moments. Hope you enjoy!


8 thoughts on “My Significant Moments

  1. Mary Fiss shared your blog with me, Greta! I loved your blog and, especially your Significant Moments video. You, my dear, have a gorgeous singing voice as well as a talent for theatre!


  2. What a FABULOUS video! I loved watching all those awesome experiences like the dance performance and going to the Maleficent premiere (jealous!!!!). 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!
    Looking forward to reading more blog posts!


  3. Hello Greta, I saw you on Facebook on the Nemaline Community. I loved the video. You are so creative in music and dance! I wish you luck with the upcoming spinal surgery this simmer.


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